Miriam Burrows is the Creative Director of Oscar & Me, and founded the label in 2016 following the birth of her first child, Oscar. A background in journalism and PR never dulled her true passion for fashion. So, emboldened by her new role as a mother, and with the help of copious amounts of coffee, she threw caution to the wind and embarked on a journey that ignited a spark in her soul. 

Miriam worked tirelessly for two years to bring her vision to reality. And just like the first two years of motherhood, the journey has been laced with self doubt and anxiety, ups and downs, and the struggle for perfection. Despite the turbulence, she didn't compromise on her vision of creating premium quality childrenswear. She learnt how to push through when close enough wasn't good enough. And finally, Oscar & Me was born. 

We hope our creations give you as much joy as they give us.

Our cashmere is shorn by sherpas in the Nepalese highlands and hand woven by local artisans. Our garments are lovingly handmade.

Ambika is hand stitching the buttons on our cashmere cardigans.

Badri is ironing our cashmere cardigans, so you don't have to.
Salina is mending because we all make mistakes.