love story between a woman, her child, fashion, and coffee.

Not necessarily in that order.

Oscar and Me founder and creative director Miriam Burrows  

Australian designer, Miriam Burrows, founded Oscar & Me in 2018 following the birth of her first child. A career in PR and journalism never truly fulfilled her creative desires, so emboldened by her new role as mother she threw caution to the wind and set on a journey that ignited a spark in her soul.

Oscar & Me creates pieces for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. We produce fashion-forward garments with a nostalgic nod to the prep and elegance of the past. With inspiration from interior design, to cinema, Oscar & Me seamlessly blends different aesthetics to create unique pieces. Oscar & Me is not just a fashion label for children, it's a form of self expression to those who live and breath fashion. 

Fabrics as soft as your baby's bum.

We don't just do style, we do substance. Oscar & Me only uses premium fabrics and trims. We believe in good design above all else, and to achieve that, we search high and low for the right fabrics and materials. We use luxurious fabrics such as Pima cotton and cashmere, which are gentle on babies' skin and our earth. Our pieces feel beautiful, wear well, and can be passed down from child to child.

We're high maintenance when it comes to ethics.

Oscar & Me is 100% Australian owned and designed, and our garments are manufactured ethically with like minded artisans who love their craft. Our factories are family-run businesses because we support our fellow entrepreneurs. These manufacturers operate on strict ethical standards and share our passion for detail and quality, because we believe the journey is just as important as the final destination. 

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